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Welcome in my diary!!

Dear Visitor,

thank you very much for visiting my diary! I hope that you enjoy reading.

Here I'll write down everything what happens to me and always about my music and things...

Best wishes


4.2.07 15:38


Hey my dear visitors!!

I'm at school right now and I'm very happy to have some spare time here ^^

Well, on 12 February 2007 I was with my family at the RONDO VENEZIANO concert in Ulm. It was so fantastic!!!! I LOVE RONDO VENEZIANO!!!!

Oh and I've recorded another new song! I'll publish it on in the next few days! And I'll publish the English translation of the lyrics on my homepage! My new song's called "Ohne Mich" that means "without me" and is about someone who's in love with a person he cannot have...hope you'll enjoy it!

Now i wish you a nice day!

Best wishes to you!


15.2.07 11:28

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